Prayer List 


A new PRAYER LIST is developed by Knights attending our monthly Membership Meeting on the second Tuesday of each month.

Current Prayer List for 2023:


Father Daniel Kogut & Our Parish Deacons

Mike Beauregard

Marlene Beck (Bill’s wife)

Rich & Toni Bennett

Chuck Blake

S.K. Mike Bourdeau

Time Burke Sr

Adam Carlile and family

Mary Cassar

Loretta Corford

Brian & Matt Corwin

Angela Darling

Fr. Francis

Kathy Esser

Marie Esser

Tony Esser

Vicki Esser

Sara Garland

Susan Gurta (Greg’s wife)

Mike Hoffman

Rick Hoyer

Dave Iwanski

Ken Jones

Justin Kukalis

Diana Lewellen

Leonard Lichwala

Charlie Loucks (Bernard’s father)

Bill Mattes

Kathy Meyer

Nick Meilak

Ruth Miller (Joe’s wife)

Geri Norman

Nick Norman

Matt Norman

Laura O’Branovic

Mary Press

David Russel

Pat Ryzewicz

Cindy Schang

Fr. Jim Shaver

Ben Soremski

Jack Walling

Fred & Betty Weisel

Peggy Whit


Repose of the Souls of:

> Br. Jim Harbert - Charter member

> Cheryl Houk - Teacher at St, Mary’s

> Betty Lou Meyer - Rick Meyer's mother

> George Merkel - Beth Corwin’s father

> Jim Panning 




If you would like to add someone to the Prayer List on our website, simply send an email to . . .

. . . and it will be added within 24 hours.

In Loving Memory Of The Website Founder And Our Worthy Brother, May Perpetual Light Shine Upon Him! Robert E. Barba


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